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Solwr employees at Ålesund office

Our goal is to deliver solutions that makes our customers in the trade industry stay one step ahead. And to do so, we need you on our team.

Join our sweet symphony of software and automation.

The workday is a large part of our lives - so, naturally it's important for us to make it as enjoyable as possible. We want you to feel motivated, inspired and part of a community.

Solwr employees at Ålesund office

We're working towards becoming the most attractive workplace in the region for people in the logtech industry. To reach our goal we need to attract and keep the best people in the business.

If you join us you can expect a constant development of products and employees, a minimum of one social activity each month, our own sports team, a variety of competence sharing such as 3D printing, learning days and VR.

Solwr employees at Ålesund office

We believe the best results comes from creating and developing together.

But "together" can be done in many different ways. You can work from one of our offices, remote - or a combination. We're happy as long as we interact in interdisciplinary teams - 'cause that's where the magic happens.

We have offices in Ålesund, Trondheim and Oslo, as well as people working remote from Volda and Stavanger. For our workplace-based colleagues, we support working from home up to two days a week.

Solwr employees at kick off Ålesund

One small innovation can change the whole game.
Let’s solve some logistics together.


Agile, Stand up, Sprint & Scrum.


The best.


Ålesund, Oslo, Trondheim.

Tech stack

Java, Javascript, C+, Python, Docker, Vue.js, Azure, PLS, Springboot, Postgres, iOS, Android, GIT etc.

Questions about our techstack, software, robots or how we work? Let's talk!

Head of Human Resources

Merete Aaheim Alnes

Merete is passionate about culture and people. Our ambition is to become the region's most attractive workplace. Feel free to contact her for career opportunities at Solwr!

+47 924 11 382


HR Business Partner

Johan Jakob Eide

Johan loves making creative ideas come to life, and believes every day can be fun and different if you try something new. Send him an email if you want to know more!

+47 917 32 633



To excel in the market, we believe our company culture must be purpose driven with an ambitious can-do attitude.
Our company culture is our unique DNA and is best defined by a set of core values - which forms the basis for every decision Solwr make.

Value sporty


Unlike many large, established companies we're able to act quickly. By being sporty we mean that we’re not bureaucratic – we just fix what needs to be done. Commonly used in “you’re a sport”.

Value Confident


In terms of being brave and action oriented, trusting our ability to solve any problem we're faced with. We're independent, and not too big to take quick decisions and calculated risks. Together we have self-confidence – in who we are, what we do and how we do it.

Value close


We have a way of being close in our relations and culture – and customer-oriented in our minds. We're informal in our communication with customers and partners, without compromising our professionalism.

Value curious


Our future-oriented culture enables us to stay one step ahead. We appreciate innovative and experimental thinking – and find it thrilling to solve things in new ways.