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A solwr solution

Trace Express

Trace Express Solwr ERP Solution

Fast-growing online-born players in need of a light cloud-based solution? We've got you.

We've taken the essential qualities from our Order, Warehouse and Move solutions, and wrapped them to be exactly what you need.

Cloud-based multi-tenant solution

Easy start up with low costs and efficient installation and integrations set-up​.


Supports all sales channels and gives you complete control of your inventory across all warehouse and store locations


Inventory Management, Pick – Pack – Ship and Reporting and analytics in one solution.


Strong integration capability and managed integration with all major eCommerce platforms, ERP and accounting systems.

Fredrik Kallevig CCO Solwr

Fredrik will tell you more about our solution and why it's a perfect fit for your fast-growing business.

Fredrik Kallevig, CCO
+47 934 16 460