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Solwr employees Beate Vigmostad Per Egil Røshol Torbjørn Krogen

Solwr celebrates 40 years

Published by Pia Bratteberg-Øye on

On November 11th we celebrated. Not only the company's anniversary, but all the people who are here - and those who have been here - who contribute to both our solutions and the company's culture. Without all the people, Solwr wouldn't be where we are today.


  • Data Pro AS was founded in 1982 by Per Egil Røshol.
  • Now the company is called Solwr, has over 90 employees who are specialists in ERP software, integrations, automation and robotics.

In 1982, Data Pro AS was founded by Per Egil Røshol. The adventure started in 1982 with green screens, one employee and four active customers. Now the company is called Solwr, has over 90 employees who are specialists in ERP software, integrations, automation and robotics - and has signed its first customer in Sweden.

Solwr employees Per Egil Data Pro AS

From tailored solutions to product company

The business idea of founder Per Egil Røshol was to develop systems that would give users something new, in a time where paper and list-based systems dominated. Former Data Pro therefore focused on users getting quick and direct access to correct and necessary information. One of the first things that was developed was a new solution for stock management for H.I. Giørtz Sønner, the largest grocery wholesaler in Northwest Norway, which is part-owned by ASKO. In the early nineties, the scanning of barcodes and EDI in 2007, carried out by the company, was the first implementation of a solution for voice-controlled picking - also for Giørtz.

Since 2017, the company has changed from a time-based consultancy to a product company that delivers the standard Trace solution in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Trace is an ERP platform that handles both inventory management, order management and transport planning. During this period, the company has grown from around 20 to over 90 employees.

"The business has always been focused on optimizing the journey of the goods, where customers must have control over the goods at all times. It has been 40 years with customers and solutions in focus."

Per Egil Røshol, Founder and Product Specialist at Solwr

Timeline from Data Pro 1982 to Solwr 2022

First contract abroad signed

In March 2022, former Driw and Currence Robotics merged under the new brand Solwr, and now offer warehouse robots and the ERP platform Trace. The new structure was to be clearer in the market, and at the same time retain synergies in terms of expertise, technology and finances. Establishing the new brand was important in view of the impending venture abroad.

"We have good customers in Norway who are a solid starting point. We’ll take good care of them, but we intend to grow and work on plans to expand to more European countries in the next few years. We’ve just signed our first customer in Sweden."

Torbjørn Krogen, CEO at Solwr.

Solwr has some of Norway's largest trading companies as customers, including Mestergruppen, Malorama, H.I. Giørtz, Rema Distribution and ASKO.

H.I. Giørtz warehouse Solwr customer

H.I. Giørtz - an important partner

H.I. Giørtz has been important to the company from the start. The reason why Data Pro was established was because the customers of H.I. Giørtz started asking about the solutions they used. The business opportunity was ready, and Data Pro saw the light of day.

"Solwr, formerly Data Pro and then Driw, and H.I. Giørtz has had a common journey for 40 years. The good collaboration has been important for H.I. Giørtz's development and contributed to innovation and good logistics solutions."

Egil Giørtz, Director at H.I. Giørtz

Since then, H.I. Giørtz has, among other things, had an active role in the development of Solwr's robots, Sort and Grab. The first pallet sorting robot Sort was installed in autumn 2020 at the regional ASKO warehouse of H.I. Giørtz in Ålesund. The picking robot Grab has also been in use at H.I Giørtz for several years. The robots have been developed in line with feedback from actual users, which has been decisive for Solwr today being able to offer the robots in an international market.