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Solwr kick off Ålesund

Driw and Currence Robotics combines forces and becomes Solwr

Published by Pia Bratteberg-Øye on

Why combine forces?

We strongly believe that software and automation complete each other.

Solwr is a new Norwegian logtech company, consisting of former Driw and Currence Robotics. When we got co-located in Ålesund in 2020, we quickly found out that both companies were doing exciting things on each ends. But the goal was the same. Solving logistics challenges for the trade industry. The choice was simple - we combined our forces, to become stronger together.

Solwr employee new brand kick off


  • Our brand name Solwr reflects both what we do and who we are. We're a bunch of people who love to find answers to problems or difficult situations. This is the foundation for how we solve logistics challenges for our customers.
  • Solwr specializes in ERP software, integrations, automation and robotics.
  • Our mission is to build scalable, sustainable and integratable solutions - arisen from our culture of being innovative and close in our relations.

ERP software and automation

By combining software and automation, we offer what innovative players in the trade industry need to be one step ahead.

Trace™ is a composable ERP platform for trade logistics. It’s efficient, user-friendly and easy to integrate with third parties. We also provide plug’n play solutions to robotize logistics operations. Our picking robot Grab™ and our pallet sorting solution Sort™ increases productivity and relieves workload for employees.

Solwr employees at Ålesund office

During 2023, the company will expand to the Nordic region.