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Sort a Solwr solution

ASKO Vest automates with pallet sorting robot

Published by Pia Bratteberg-Øye on

The robot Sort handles all types of pallets and reduces the need for human pallet handling. Sort can handle up to 400 pallets per hour and automates a manual and time-consuming process.

ASKO Vest is investing in Sort to automate a previously manual and time-consuming process. The automation will bring benefits in terms of both efficiency and HSE. Some of the HSE benefits are the reduction of one-sided, repetitive and heavy work for the employees. There is also no need for a dedicated operator, and in that way the warehouse staff can handle the robot in combination with other work tasks.

High operational stability at H.I. Giortz
The first Sort robot was installed in autumn 2020 at the regional ASKO warehouse of H.I. Giørtz Sønner in Ålesund. Sort is scalable, flexible and can be adapted to different systems - which gives a short installation time and scope for scaling if necessary. Initially, three sorting towers were installed, before five more towers were installed in the spring of 2021.

Sort has advanced sensors and cameras that ensure correct sorting of the pallets according to, among other things, pallet type and wear. Since May 2021, Sort has sorted around 175,000 pallets at the ASKO warehouse of H.I. Giørtz in Ålesund. Sort has proven to be reliable, efficient and with high operating stability (>99%).

Solwr ensures competitive advantage for the trade industry
Solwr delivers innovative logistics solutions and has some of Norway's largest retail players as customers. They deliver software that gives customers control over their goods across channels, efficient order and stock management, efficient distribution as well as major efficiency gains and HSE gains through the use of their warehouse robots.

The company has approx. 100 employees in Ålesund, Oslo and Trondheim, with high expertise in logistics, software development and automation.