Solwr ensures a competitive advantage for the trade industry

Publisert av Pia 07.02.2022

We deliver a plug and play portfolio for innovative players in the trade industry.

Through the logistics platform Trace, we deliver an order, warehousing and transport system that provides full control and tracking of the entire product journey. In the portfolio, we also have the robots Sort and Grab. Sort handles all types of pallets and reduces the need for human pallet handling, and the Grab picking robot reduces the strain on employees by taking care of the heavy lifting in the warehouse. The company has approx. 100 employees, located in offices in Ålesund, Oslo and Trondheim.


  • Solwr works with modern technology for the trade industry.
  • Offers a plug and play product portfolio in software and hardware.
  • During 2022, Solwr will expand to the Nordic region.
grab robot

Why are we doing this?

Long story short: Solwr is a new Norwegian logtech company, consisting of former Driw and Currence Robotics. When we got co-located in Ålesund in 2020, we quickly found out that both companies were doing exciting things on each ends. But the goal was the same. Solving logistics challenges for the trade industry. The choice was simple - we combined our forces, to become stronger together.


During 2022, the company will expand to the Nordic region.

Our mission

We will build scalable, sustainable and integrable solutions – arisen from our culture of being innovative and close in our relations.

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