Optimizing trade logistics.

Solwr delivers tomorrow's logtech solutions

With a plug and play productportfolio in software and hardware, we offer what innovative players in the trade industry need to be one step ahead. Solwr has some of Norway's largest retailers as customers.

  • Trace

    The platform for state-of-the-art trade logistics.

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  • Warehouse

    Highly intuitive and flexible solution for inventory management.

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  • Order

    The core component that gives you total control on order routing and costs.

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  • Grab

    Our pick’n place robot for warehouse operations.

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  • Move

    A digitalized and automated solution for transport.

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  • Sort

    The robot who sorts reusable packaging such as pallets and boxes.

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Let’s solve some logistics together.

We are expanding to the Nordics this year. Will you join us?

Cooperation, commitment, creativity and agility are keywords for both the professional and social with us. You get the opportunity to grow in line with the company - this is how we both attract and keep the best people.

  • Project Manager

    • Realize business value in deliveries, ensure that the result is in line with the delivery's intention and deliver the project on time, cost and quality / scope across product parts and product teams.
    • Collaborate closely with KAM, understand customer needs and assist with priorities and solutions for customers in collaboration with colleagues.
    • Work closely with the product team and product specialist so that the customer's business needs are met.
    • Responsibility for finances, budget and forecast in the project delivery.
    • Actively contribute to internal business development that deals with work processes, templates and routines.
  • Senior Automation Engineer

    • Part of the automation team working on developing machines and robots.
    • Set up actuators, electrical systems and develop necessary PLC programs.
    • Design, source, develop and test automation solutions and safety systems.
    • Professional support and follow up of installation and start-up phase of installations.
    • As a senior, support and help other automation engineers as well as mechanical designers and software developers.
    • Planning onsite installation, testing and commissioning together with other disciplines.

Solwr /ˈsɒlvə(r)/

A person who finds answers to a problem or a difficult situation.

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  • Torbjørn Krogen

    Chief Executive Officer

    Torbjørn knows logistics technology from both the customer and development side, and loves challenges that we can find good solutions to! Want to discuss investment opportunities and potential collaborations? You've come to the right person.

  • Merete Aaheim Alnes

    Head of Human Resources

    Merete is passionate about culture and people. Our ambition is to become the region's most attractive workplace. Feel free to contact her for career opportunities in Solwr!

    924 11 382merete.alnes@solwr.com
  • Fredrik Kallevig

    Chief Commercial Officer

    Fredrik finds it essential to use technology in smart ways, and is passionate about ensuring the best customer experiences across both physical and digital channels. He's happy to listen to your challenges - to find the best solution.

    934 16 460fredrik.kallevig@solwr.com